Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday, August 4.  It has been a special birthday for many reasons, and it’s not because I share the same birthday as the president of the USA (did you know that?).

One reason is that my daughter had her first baby, which makes me a first time grandma! They call me gmum because my daughter calls me mum.  Cute!  She had a little boy and I mean little because he was born one month early.  He’s soooo cute!!  I flew down to the lower 48 one day after she had him, so sadly I missed the birth.  It was very scary because he was in the NICU for a week and very hard on my daughter that she couldn’t have him with her in her room.  But I’m happy to report all are doing well now and he is growing and cuter than ever!  If I had one wish on my birthday, I would wish that we didn’t live so far away.

I'm a first time gmum!

I'm a brand new gmum!

Another reason why this birthday is special is that my husband and I celebrated 15 years of happiness! Yes, this is the second marriage for both of us.  I came with a boy (who is now 24-1/2 yrs old) and a girl (26), 2 cats, and 1 dog.  We flew from Seattle to live in ALASKA!  Jake came with a girl (26) and a boy (28).  So I have 4 kids!  All are adults now and happy, and Jake and I still have 2 cats and a dog but they are the new and younger generation.

When I was in Colorado with my daughter I made a lovely friend, Katherine.  She is an avid locker hooker!  She’s an excellent quilter, scrapper, and all around great crafter.  It was exciting to see what she was doing in her craft studio!  She asked me why I wasn’t locker hooking much anymore and I honestly didn’t have an answer for her.  I had just finished rebuilding my locker hooking website because the website that I’ve had for 10 years went out of business.  When I got home, Katherine sent me some beautiful locker hooked beaded baskets and some rugs to sell in my store.  I’ve already sold one basket!  I did some deep thinking and decided to give my locker hooking business a big boost and it’s time to get into it again!  So I started an Etsy shop and my blog and told everyone at the store that I am starting locker hooking classes again in the fall.  I’ve also got to get back writing on my facebook page.  Lots to do and it sure would be nice if I was a little younger with more energy!

My daughter sent me a birthday card which I want to share with you.  It said, “On your birthday….before you walk the path toward the next phase of life’s journey, I will ask the question every woman must consider.” On the inside it went on to say, “Do you gotta go potty first??”

Happy birthday to all those who were born on August  4th !


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  1. I always had to ask all our girls ( you included ) do you have to go “poddy first” before we left on car trips.


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