My Bigger Booth

Hi!  Today I moved into a larger size booth at Alaska HomeCrafters Emporium (my store I share with other artists & crafters), with the help of my wonderful husband.  I moved to the back of the store in preparation to teach locker hooking and crochet classes this fall.  It’s a larger, more open room just perfect for two tables right next to my booth.  I’ve been back in this area a long time ago when I used to teach, but this is my dream come true “booth”.  It’s perfect!  Not too big, not too small, but just right!  I’m taking a risk because my rent has increased, but in order to grow my business, I have to have a larger area to sell more product.  So……wish me luck!  Jake and I only had a short time to move everything from one side of the store to the other side and then set it up a little,  but I’ll come back later and fill it in and make it pretty.  I’m very excited!  Diane who is the owner of HomeCrafters said I might even be in a short commercial, just locker hooking away.  Maybe.  But what a great boost for my classes!


My bare shelves

The selves are a little bare

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