After One Week

Hi!  Jake has been gone for one week and I’ve literally been living on the computer.  I forget to drink, eat, pee, shower, take my medicine, and sleep so at night I’ve been sneaking away to Dairy Queen and I’ve had a large blizzard every night!  YES!  For one week solid.  Well forget the diet and the pounds I had lost last spring.  I will be soooooo glad when Jake comes home, but I think I’m truly addicted to blizzards and it’s only been one kind………ever!

There is a story behind this madness.  Ever since I was a teenager I have loved blizzards but I didn’t really have them that often .  Then 15 years ago I moved to Alaska and OMG!!  NO BLIZZARDS!  Not one in Anchorage!  So for many, many years I didn’t even have the chance to buy a blizzard until one day we all drove to Homer, which is about 5 hours from my home.  Well in the near by town was a Dairy Queen and I thought I was in heaven!  But we only went to Homer once in a blue moon and so that was hard for me.

Then a huge event changed my life when I had to fly to Seattle and for the 5 days I was there, of course I had a large blizzard every day.  It was fantastic!  Once a year, for four years I got to stay with my daughter in Seattle and gorge on blizzards…….until she moved out of state and again I was without blizzards.  I’ve tried other sweets, but nothing has replaced them.  It’s been two long years without one and wouldn’t you know, but Anchorage finally got a Dairy Queen and it opened last month and close to my home.  WOW!  My life is complete!

About midway through this past week my brother called me.  He has just finished radiation and chemotherapy for throat and tongue cancer.  I am thrilled to say he is cancer free now but he still can’t eat because he has sores in his mouth.  I told him how excited I was that Dairy Queen was so close to me and he said, “Well go get a blizzard.  In fact, you could have a blizzard every day this week!”  So Glen, that’s exactly what I did.  Thanks!

This is my last night before Jake comes home so I’m going to stop blogging and I’m off to Dairy Queen one last time (unless I can sneak one in tomorrow before I go the the airport!).  I know I’ve been really bad but I’ve been without for soooooo long.  Now I have to go through withdrawal symptoms and I’m NOT looking forward to that!  See ya…………do you know my favorite blizzard?


After one week of large blizzards and blogging!


(It’s a heath bar, with extra heath bar in it!  I don’t even have to ask anymore, they just know me now!)


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7 responses to “After One Week

  1. Jake

    but of course, Heath Bar with extra Heath.


  2. Shaunna

    You’ve turned into Ryan (The computer, not eating, not sleeping part) and me (Eating ice cream every day!)


  3. Christina

    Ha ha. I’m going to use that trick when Cam goes away next time. Ice cream every day! ❤


  4. Laurel



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