Alaskan Stuffies!

Hi!  It’s been a long time since the last! I have been busy crocheting,  as I had two big Holiday Shows in November. I made lots of  matching scarflette & hat sets and big Christmas stockings!  And I made a whole lot of locker hooking books too! I did real well this year at the shows!

I’ve been making Alaskan Stuffies, which are soft, cute, colorful, crazy stuffed creatures. They make you smile and laugh and are fun having around! They are about the size of a small pillow. Alaskan Stuffies have a pocket for wishes and treasures and they all have a heart. And each one has a “Made In Alaska” tag I sew on their little bottoms, so you know for sure they are handmade in Alaska, by an Alaskan! You have to qualify for a permit in order to use the tags.

Alaskan Stuffies

Alaskan Stuffies

It all started when my daughter asked me to make a stuffie for Joseph, my new grandbaby, and they just kept coming!  That was even before he was born and I had no idea what she was talking about!  I make each one freehand and they are machine washable and safe for all ages! Adults love them too and some collect them. A friend bought a pretty stuffie as she enjoys painting dolls, along with lots of other cool subjects.  I can’t wait to see her painting!  I made several for Joseph for Christmas gifts and got them off on time (which is hard for me!).  Jake loves them too and for Christmas he asked for his own Seahawks stuffie and so “Ivars” was born……that’s what he named him, after Ivars Seafood in Seattle (absolutely the best!). He wanted one so he can yell at it (with it?) during the games! Jake has already scared the dog away but now he won’t be alone!

Love, Donna


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  1. Soooo cute!!! Have you ever considered doing Stuffy portraits? They have such strong personalities. How fun. 🙂


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