Where Did The Easter Eggs Go?

Once upon an Easter, we went camping near MT Rainer when my kids were little.  We lived in Washington state where there are beautiful trees, hiking trails, and campsites.  We camped a lot during summers and winters, in small & large tents, in an old (smelly) Apache trailer, and many camper vans, including two older VW pop-up camper vans (a blue one and then a yellow one).

The next day was Easter.  So after the kids were asleep we slipped out to scatter chocolate Easter eggs all around the campsite  They were wrapped in colorful foil so they wouldn’t get dirty and the kids could find them easier.  We were out there in our P J’s looking for good spots with our flashlights and giggling when we fell over tree stumps!

The next morning the kids went on an Easter egg hunt, but they kept yelling that they couldn’t find any eggs!  We looked all over and SURE ENOUGH……we couldn’t find any either!  So weird!  Where did all the Easter eggs go for heaven’s sake??

We couldn’t figure it out. Did someone come into our campsite in the middle of the night and steal our Easter eggs?  Then out from behind a tree comes this little squirrel.  Could they have taken them?  It couldn’t be possible because we hid soooooo many eggs!  Just couldn’t!!

Well we were all pretty devastated, especially the kids!  But later (much later) we all laughed about it and it certainly made a very memorable and unforgettable Easter!

Where did all the Easter eggs go?

Where did all the Easter eggs go?

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and hope you will find ALL YOUR EASTER EGGS!

♥ Donna


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4 responses to “Where Did The Easter Eggs Go?

  1. Lol! I can imagine that would be pretty devistating!


  2. Ryan Nixon

    I remember that day!


  3. Shaunna

    I remember finding them, they just didn’t have any candy inside. Wrappers only!


  4. Christina Jacobson

    Ha Ha so cute!
    The easter squirrel stole them all. I wonder if they survived all that chocolate? I didn’t have anything easter related, not even a candy. I feel kinda like I should have but I enjoyed some cream eggs before easter!


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