Dance Through Life

Hi!  When I was a young girl I took classical ballet lessons from a mean old Russian woman who was soooo strict.  She always carried a stick and hit us when we were not performing perfectly!  But she was the best of the best (so my mom said) and I fell deeply in love with dance.  When I was fifteen (the summer I turned 16) I went to live in Seattle, WA, and studied dance at Cornish School of Fine Arts.  I lived and breathed ballet as I was grooming for a Dance Company in Vancouver, Canada.  Yes, I was serious and very good, but something else happened during that summer that made me look at my future and make a life changing decision.  I had discovered BOYS!  Sweet 16………a job, car, skiing, and boys!  So I put my ballet in the background, decided to become a nurse, and went on to take jazz dance lessons and WOW was that fun!  Yup!

While I was in my last years of college I started dancing at Bellevue College and became serious again.  I was asked to audition and join their Dance Company, which was a dream come true!  But once again I had to make another life altering decision………..marriage or dance?  My wedding date fell on the one day I was to audition.  Once in a life time!  Well, I got married, moved out-of-town, and had two beautiful babies.

I eventually moved back and when my kids were toddlers I went back to dancing at the same college and decided once again to audition and join their Dance Company.  I wasn’t TOO old!  Then another life turning event happened I wasn’t expecting………..I got sick.  I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t do my turns without losing my balance and falling!  I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I not only had to quit my dance but ALSO my nursing career ended abruptly!

Years went by and something wonderful happened!  My son, Ryan, who is a complete and total computer geek his entire life (that’s what he graduated in!) become an accomplished and professional modern dancer!  He got into it during college and now is a member of the Momentum Dance Company in Anchorage, AK.  And he is GOOD like his mom!  This is the kid who used to make fun of me when I danced in the kitchen and BEG me to stop (and now I’m laughing at him)!!  He will be performing this Friday & Saturday at the Performing Arts Center in Anchorage and I can’t wait!  You should come too!

Ryan Nixon

Ryan Nixon

Funny how some things work out, don’t you think?

P.S.   One thing is for sure, I will never stop dancing through life!

“Dance like no one is watching”!


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