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Baby Blossom Hats

Hi,  I teach crochet and locker hooking classes at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts in So. Anchorage (Dimond Blvd).  This is an older store but has been remodeled recently and they built a NEW CLASSROOM!  I’m really excited about this store and the opportunity to teach again!  Now both Jo-Anns in town offer classes!

Every month or two Jo-Ann holds an “Open House” where all the teachers come together and we promote our classes and people are free to ask us questions and sign up for classes (plus they can get a discount that day!).  We have one coming up this Saturday, 2-11-2012 It’s a lot of fun!  We usually have other demos going on too.  Part of my responsibility is to make and show samples of class projects which are being offered and are coming up on the calender.  It’s like “show & tell” and I love it!  I really enjoy talking to the people and many of them I know or know me BUT they don’t know we offer classes NOW!!

One of the classes that is being offered is the crocheted Baby Blossom Hat and I thought you might enjoy a sneak preview!  It’s easy and I had a blast making it.  Don’t you think these are absolutely adorable!!

Make a Baby Blossom Hat at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts

Hope to see some of you at this “Open House” or the next one…………


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Ruffle Hats

Hi!  Hope everyone had a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!  We stayed home this year and so I took advantage of cuddling with my Jake, kitties, and dog (yes, all on the same couch).  I had soooo much fun experimenting with Lions Brand’s Ruffle.  I wanted to make a hat that was functional but stylish.  I crocheted the purple one first and thought it was kind of cute and funky, but not what I was looking for.  So I tried another one and came up with the blue/black hat.  It came out better than I expected, very simple, easy, and yet pretty.  I got all excited and wanted to share it with everyone and so I started working on a pattern! I have three self-published crochet patterns, but NO HATS!  This is my first one!

I need to come up with a front and back pattern cover so I’ll have to load up my copier with lots of ink because it takes me LOTS of mistakes before I get just the right design.  Then I’ll need to start crocheting a scarflette to match and come up with another pattern.  I think it will be a beautiful “Crochet Ruffle Hat Set”! I will put the patterns on my Etsy shop and ravelry. com (I just joined-my shop is Alaska Locker Hooking Etc. or you can type my name in under “designers”) and of course on my website.

Let me know what you think!

Love, Donna

My new hats!

My new Crochet Ruffle Hat Pattern

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