Beaded Glass Covers and Doilies

Hi!  I’m back to crocheting glass covers!  I’ve been making these for a long time and thought I would share them with you.  Because I live in Alaska, when summer comes everyone gets out of their homes and stays outside until the snow comes again.  Well, we have a picnic bench under some trees and the leaves, dirt, bugs, not to mention the pesky mosquitos fall into our glasses!  So I came up with these colorful glass covers to protect water or wine, or whatever you may have in your glass.  They work well for coffee mugs too!  I also make larger sizes to cover food bowls.  If you don’t want to use them on top of your glass, just slide them under your glass and you have classy glass doilies.  And when they aren’t on your table, they look really pretty under potted plants, etc.

We have been saving all sorts of glass jars and that is what we use for our ‘everyday ware’.  They look really cool on your table!  In fact, we have so many now that our cupboards are literally over flowing!  The glass covers also look quite elegant on wine glasses too!  For red wines I use dark color thread and for white wine, it doesn’t matter.

I love to choose different colors and add the beads on the ends.  The beads look pretty and are functional by weighting the cover down.  I’ve used charms and buttons too.  I’ve tried using plastic beads because they can go in the wash (inside a delicates bag), but they don’t hold enough weight, at least for outside.  I’ve even gotten fancier and made lacy glass covers (like doilies) but I have to keep the stitches tight so little bugs don’t sneak in.

Do you prefer a set of the same color or a mix of different colors glass covers?  Each one is unique even if they are the same color because they are handmade!  You can find the “Crochet Pattern” for it  on my website.

Crochet Glass Covers

Crochet Glass Covers

Wine Glass Covers

Wine Glass Covers

Glass Doilies By Donna

Glass Doilies

Have a GREAT summer everyone and protect your glasses!



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5 responses to “Beaded Glass Covers and Doilies

  1. Christina Jacobson

    Those are SO neat! Really great idea. Good for out door picnics and bbqs because of the flies that like to go in the drinks. How long does it take to make one?


    • Alaska Locker Hooking Etc.

      Thanks Christina! I can usually make two in an evening. They work up pretty fast. The hard part for me is finding the right size bead hole and making sure I have enough to go around. I even have a “Crochet Pattern” for it!


  2. Anna T

    Hi Donna, Your glass cover pattern is EXACTLY what I am looking for at the moment. I went to you etsy store, but the pattern wasn’t there anymore 😦 I am in Australia, so we are now in prime time for flies ruining our outside drinks in the summer sun. I will post on your etsy store too, but would love to get the pattern from you!


  3. Alaska Locker Hooking Etc.

    Anna and Pat,
    Wow! I appreciate your interest in my pattern and I am excited to say it is coming out this week! It will be featured in my Etsy shop in a couple of days so please stop by!
    Thank you!


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